The Cacao Pods, was founded in 2016 by Archita Agarwal. We create luxurious chocolates and entremets (layered dessert cakes).

Fine chocolates is our specialty. Our boxes make a delightful gift for occasions such as weddings, baby announcements etc.

We believe in creating experiences that are unique for each individual. Customers may choose to customise our products for special occasions. We offer gifting consultations and chocolate tasting sessions through which we work to develop personalised and innovative gifts.

Each product is freshly handmade on order using the best of ingredients. The unique flavours constantly surprise clients, break away from the repertoire and incorporate seasonal produce.

The world of chocolates and pastry is based on skill, knowledge and constant evolution. Archita continuously learns from International masterchefs to keep up with global trends and refine her skills. She seeks inspiration from latest trends across the world and incorporates them effectively into the products. This reflects her passion towards the craft and helps the brand to evolve over time.


Archita, holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Delhi and a Masters in Management from the University of Warwick. Her hobby of baking since the age of 7,  love for chocolates and a desire to launch a sustainable creative business, led her to France.

Her culinary education include a diploma in ‘Chocolates and Confectionery’ from ENSP- Ducasse Education, and another in ‘French Pastry’ from Bellouet Conseil, Paris. Along the way, Archita has been mentored by world renowned chefs. The most treasured part of her journey was her time working with master chocolatier- William Curley, London, under whose guidance she crafted chocolates exclusively for Harrods. She also worked at the renowned- Cafe Pouchkine, Paris. These experiences helped her shape her kitchen management skills and hone her eye for detail.

When she’s not busy building her sweet empire, she loves to travel, seek balance through yoga and play the piano.